Sunday, August 8, 2010

Kwame Nkrumah and reaction to Discomfort

Okay so this guy, Kwame Nkrumah (said Kwamay Enkoma) is super famous. I went on a tour through his memorial site and it gave me a lot to think about. He declared Ghana independent in 1957 and he was the president from 1960-1966 when he was overthrown by a military coup that was funded by the CIA. ouch..... This guy was amazing, he was all about uniting Africa and making Africa for the Africans. He built major highways and even made a 1/4 of the parliament for women. We Americans were threatened by a united Africa. We were threatened bc the West had businesses and companies in Africa and we didn't like that Nkrumah was so close friends with Communist nations. So we pay some militants.

I feel very irritated with that and I know that Ghanaians do too. In America, communists are viewed as evil. They need to be dealt with or they will corrupt the system. But I think it is all a facade. Communism threatens the wealthy who love the capitalist system. It demands sharing of wealth. Or you hear that communism just doesn't work and it infringes on the individuals rights which seems quite true. So why interfere when a country seems to go that way? Is it possible that America simply cared too much for this developing nation to let it go down the path of communism? I don't think so.


How many actions are based on profit alone? How about in our own lives? When people here ask me for money a few thoughts run through my head:
If I give to one, I will have to give to all and I can't afford that. I need money.
They may not use it well.
Just don't look at them and they will leave you alone.
I have been convicted of these thoughts recently. When I trace them to their start I simply don't want to share. Last night I read the first 7 chapters of Matthew or so. Take a look and see how the poor are to be treated, see how money is to be viewed. ( I am to give to those who ask of me and trust in God's provision. What harm can $1 or less be to each who asks? Jesus calls for compassion not sacrifice. I am to look at these people. I am to see them and have compassion.

Ghanaians are friendly people. I wonder if I were black and dressed poorly if the treatment would be the same. Or is our friendliness directly realted to how much someone will benefit us or how little someone will ask of us? I know that I naturally smile and look at the people who will not ask me to buy something. I have been convicted in reading Matthew and by seeing by own discomfort with others instead of what should be love. At the trade market today I made myself look at everyone I passed and to address them directly even it if was only to say "Hi! No, thank you. Have a good day."

I don't feel like I am here to help or teach these people. I feel like they are teaching me.


  1. It is true they are teaching you. World views broaden as one experiences them. As you get older and listen to many stories you will get first hand knowledge of people who lived in communism and its long term ill effects. Capitalism has its faults as does communism, maybe the answer lies somewhere in the middle. This is the challenge of today's generation to find a better way for all concerned. The same goes for religious beliefs. All religions are not false because they are not based on Jesus Christ. When we can begin to accept this then the real journey begins. Basic good values that do no harm to self or others is foundational to all beneficial religions of the world. "You will know them by the fruit they bear." You choose Christianity, I choose another path to God. It is all the same path with the same God at the top of the mountain. The path is peace, how we arrive is our choice. God cares less about your path and more about your spiritual awakening to accept one another in peace.

  2. Hey Aunt Jane! Yea, I think it is very important to learn that love and compassion should be for all the people you meet. I haven't found that by accepting others religious beliefs become relative but rather the opposite. By accepting others and loving them you are compelled to share the freedom you have found with them and you are showing the love you have received. It may feel mean to say that one religion is better than another but Jesus says himself that "no one comes the Father but by me" and that he "did not come to bring peace"(Matthew9). His message is exclusive in that it is the only way(which brought expected anger and persecution) but it is inclusive to all who want in. I think it is important to note that most religions have a lot of truth in them but there is one truth that they are all approaching and that is found in Jesus Christ. I would like to think that everyone is right but I do not see that in the message Jesus brings. Send me an email at if you want to share anything more with me. I miss you.