Tuesday, August 10, 2010


So Mom wants me to put my daily schedule on here. Which is funny bc 1) that is a very cute mom thing and 2)I don't really have a schedule.

For example today:
Last night, Gaby(our grad student tour-guide/friend) tells us that Dr. Akotia will be back on campus tomorrow and would like to meet with us. She has something that should be over by 11 so Gaby said he would come by ISH and walk over with us at 10:30. It should not take long.

7am Wake up naturally. Force self to sleep more.
9am Get out of bed. dress. go to the bathroom (not forgetting toilet paper). brush teeth/wash face. decide shaving is too dangerous here :D
9:30 breakfast at hostel kitchen
10:00 take malaria pill. read bible a little bit, clean up room, put on sunscreen followed 20 mins later by deet.
10:20 hear jessica say that Gaby will be late. Play soccer in the courtyard with 7 yr old Justice (son of the cook). get all sweaty.
11:00 leave ISH. walk 15 minutes to Dr. Akotia's office. 1 hour meeting to address any registration issues we have encountered.
...after that it gets a little muddy. We went to the bookshop twice for some reason- 1.5 hours. We walked for 10 minutes to a pizza place and waited 30 min for 2 pizzas. At this point it is 3:00. carry pizza back to eat while watching a movie. hungry.
3:15 Gaby needs to stop at the bank. Wait outside for 10 mins. soo hungry.
after practically running back to the Hostel we eat at 4. watched UP.
5:00 felt homesick. go to internet cafe.

We don't really know our schedules for the next day. It always takes 45 minutes longer to leave in the morning for some reason or another. We always walk about 5 miles from 10a-3p. Even if there was only one thing on the schedule. We go to get food when we are hungry and wait a long time. Little stops here and there take forever. When they said the concept of time was different here they were NOT kidding! Even the internet is slow-haha. I think 20 people have come in here and asked about wireless internet only to be told that they should come back tomorrow. suckerssss... better get used to it.

Registration was yesterday. We brought passport photos to each department. Looked at which approved courses we had were actually offered this semester. Found that class times would not be posted till Wednesday. Walking to 7 departments takes a lot of time (5 hrs). You COULD use a map but it is not to scale so... We went to the mall by tro tro and I waited 10 minutes in the checkout line. Back at the hostel we sat around with kids from all over and talk about registration- our program is good so we share all the info with the students who came without a program.

Sunday we didn't have the opportunity to go to church. We were to be picked up by a guy named Wisdom and shown outer parts of Accra and the port city Tema. Tema is full of big trucks and transport bins. Not quite sure why they wanted to show us that but we did get to stop at a place on the beach for a few minutes and he showed us the point of 0 degrees latitude. SO COOL.

No one rushes here except the taxis. Everyone just kinda mosies(sp?) around. This is the first day we have watched a movie. We are usually so tired that we nap for an hour or so and hang out around the hostel with residents. There is a market right outside the hostel that we go for 1 dollar dinners.

Tomorrow we have a group orientation from 9-11. Then Gaby will meet us at 12:30. Medical meeting at 2. 5 bucks says we won't be home till 4.

Right now things are so slow bc we are not in classes yet. They start on the 16th. Apparently some professors don't start the first few weeks but there is no way to know so you just have to go and see. Dr. Akotia said that once we are fully registered we can talk about options for internships. YESSSS I can't wait to have a schedule and to know my way around.

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